Organic Oranges

Get directly from our farm
and feel the delicious fragrance.
We believe in organic farming!
  • We do not use chemicals
  • The citrus that reach the final correct ripening on the trees
  • The citrus are not washed to keep the natural taste during the shipping time
  • We supply in the same day we pick them up from Sicilian trees


The Organic Agriculture

Organic Oranges of Sicily to your doorstep by Bioinvio

Organic agriculture

The Organic farming is very delicate and requires special care and attention.
Bioinvio grows its citrus following the best practises of organic agriculture by this way, we are able to obtain first quality organic citrus.

They ripen under the clean air and under the Sicilian sun without genetic stretching but just thanks to bees and wind pollination.
It is absolutely necessary professional guidance and needed a large investments either in terms of care or in terms of time to devote to the cultivation.

Applying the organic process we establish a direct relationship with the natural cycle of the plant and its well-being we derive the maximum satisfaction.

Bioinvio cultivates his organic oranges grove with passion and enthusiasm by applying organic methods. We have obtained many recognition about and the most important of them are the organic certification Biosuisse and the organic certification Ecocert Italy.
ITALY ECOGRUPPO is the body control and certification in the field of organic farm. A team of more than eighty skilled technicians that work in all of Italy – under EC Regulation 834/07-, accredited by the Mi.PAF (Ministerial Decree n ° 120800 of 27/08/2004).

BIOSUISSE is the association of the Swiss organization for organic agriculture that maintains the mark of conformity Gemma Biosuisse. To qualify for recognition BIO SUISSE you must comply with the requirements of EC Regulation 834/07 and those provided by the BIOSUISSE in many ways more stringent than EU requirements.

Just natural taste, nothing more!

Our organic agriculture method is nothing more that respect for the environment, without using the fast and easy way with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
In organic agriculture, we use to adopt only fertilizers and pesticides total natural and we respect the natural cycle of plants. The process of organic farming is more delicate, than the traditional method, and the taste of the organic oranges is completely different than the oranges treated.
The fertilize is the first objective in our organic agriculture without the aid of chemical fertilizers.
The second major objective, is to eradicate the pests. They attack the Sicilian oranges and our aim is not use chemical pesticides.

The Fertilizes

Grass: The grass is cut without damaging the roots and capillaries of the plant and then is left to rot on the ground. This organic material, rich in nutrients, is absorbed by the plant of Sicilian oranges.
Fusel alcohols:This particular method is extracted from sugarcane or from the pomace. They have a high potential for organic agriculture agriculture in general and organic oranges of Sicily in particular, represents a method of natural fertilization.

The pests
cocciniglia a scudo
Shield cochineal sticks to organic oranges peel and lays her eggs there. The eggs of this parasite dangerous to speed up the ripening process of the orange Sicilian resulting in decomposition of the orange or the part that was attacked.
This parasite, dangerous for any cultivation, the cultivation of organic oranges is fought with sprays of white mineral oil directly on oranges.

The antidote is a oil creates a film on the leaf and the fruit is organic so if you deposited the cochineal, harmful to the organic oranges, kills by asphyxiation.
The white mineral oil used in organic production is natural and harmless against other insects that are harmful to plants of oranges. The sale of organic oranges would be compromised if they do not exist naturally, and harmless to the prosperity and well-being of the plant.

Mealy or Planococus Citri: white insect that attacks orange ruining it completely. In organic farming agriculture, fight through the action of beneficial “friend insects” the ladybird necessary for its elimination.
The insect useful for the cultivation of organic oranges is Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, in the summer, these specimens are released nell’agrumeto biological and from that moment began to prey on the cotonello harmful to the oranges of Sicily.

The ladybirds either the larvae feed on the criptolemus cotonello. Those insects, useful for the healthy growth of organic oranges, in the citrus grove are released every 4-5 years. They reproduce and hunt the enemy cotonello of citrus tree and organic oranges of Sicily.

Fly of citrus fruits: this insect, also known as the Mediterranean fly, lays its eggs on the fruit causing it to mature early.
mosca degli agrumi
The cultivation of organic citrus, not being able to serve the classic chemical pesticides, used to combat this insect, the fight photochromic. The remedy to kill this insect, without the use of chemicals and for the benefit of the organic citrus, is given by the photochromic fight. organic agriculture and the agricultural ecosystem are not compromised.

fight photochromic
The fight photochromic is mostly used in argriculture organic farming. On each plant oranges are attacked some saucers sprinkled with yellow glue. The flies should be to attack the citrus oranges and lay their eggs on them if they were not attracted to the color of the dish. They fly on the special plates and they are trapped on there. This way the flies are harmless to organic oranges.

In conclusion, we believe in organic agriculture and with love and passion we want share with you the delicious organic oranges the earth gifts us.

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved…
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements